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David Chapman with Chancellor Seb Coe

21 Jul 2017

David Chapman awarded 2017 University Medal

David Chapman has received the Loughborough University Medal as part of this week’s graduation ceremonies.

The medal is granted to members of staff who have made a distinctive and long-running contribution to the University. Medallists have championed the values of the University throughout long careers and consistently performed above and beyond the call of their duties.

The award, presented by Vice-Chancellor Robert Allison, recognises David’s commitment to international students.

David joined the Loughborough family in 2002. In his role as International Officer, he travelled extensively, representing the University all over the world, and has been directly responsible for countless international students choosing to study at Loughborough.

The key focus of David's job was recruitment overseas prior to student arrival, within which his priorities were always high quality education and high quality student experience.

Although his key remit was to recruit, engage and convert applicants before they arrived at Loughborough, David maintained a strong relationship with the University’s international students after they arrived on campus.

He attended most of the Heathrow collections, which involved a 4:30am start, as well as the international induction evenings, which kept him at the University until gone 9pm.

During his time at Loughborough David also arranged and attended social activities for the cohorts of students he recruited, using his own personal time in doing so.

Trips included weekend visits in conjunction with Loughborough Students' Union, to places such as Cambridge, Oxford, York, Liverpool, Stratford, and the Harry Potter museum. Students often referred to these trips as a highlight of their time in the UK. 

He provided continual support and advice throughout the duration of their studies, helping with issues such as accommodation, visas, and travel.

David completed his above and beyond service by attending the majority of graduation ceremonies to celebrate the end of the students’ Loughborough journey with them.

Loughborough’s international students appreciated David’s continual and caring service provision, and have spoken of him with great fondness and respect. The impact he has had on students is also illustrated by the personal invites he has received, to weddings in India and alumni receptions in Brazil – all of which he has made the effort to attend.

David’s approach to his work as International Officer earned him great respect away from the University, within international offices at other UK higher education institutions, British Councils and overseas recruitment partners.

Presenting the award, the Vice-Chancellor said: “It is the same dedicated, helpful and caring approach that earned David strong respect from colleagues across the University.

“Outside of his International Office remit, David contributed to the international student experience further by using his own experience and knowledge to support colleagues.

“A good example of this is the substantial time he gave up to assist the Student Office in phonetically pronouncing the long list of international student names for recital at graduation ceremonies, something which he continues to assist us with today even though he no longer works at the University.

“Yes, you may have guessed from my past tense references that David is sadly no longer an employee here at Loughborough. I am pleased to tell you though that he is now enjoying a well-earned retirement, but joins us here today as we recognise the enormous impact he has had on the life and spirit of the University.”