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2 Feb 2017

First year students – get up to date on your meningitis jabs!

All first year students are urged to get their jabs for meningitis and septicaemia if not done so already.

Public Health England has recently issued a reminder to all unvaccinated students to get immunised now against meningococcal diseases in order to prevent the spread of infection, as they can spread quickly and become rapidly fatal.

New students are more at risk due to mixing with lots of new people, so help protect yourself and others by getting immunised. Currently, only 60% of Loughborough first years have received the Men ACWY vaccine, either from their GP at home or at the University Medical Centre. That means 40% of our first years are not yet immunised against this disease. It isn’t too late to get that number up to 100%!

If you’ve not yet received the jab, or you’re not sure and need some further advice, get in touch with the University Medical Centre as soon as possible. You can visit the surgery, call on 01509 222061 or email