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19 May 2016

Important information for students about voting

This week is national student voter registration week and with the EU Referendum taking place next month the University is urging all students to consider if they are registered to vote and where they will vote.

A question about electoral registration was included in the University registration system for the first time this academic year and over 9,000 students have been added to the Electoral Register in Charnwood.

Polling cards for the EU Referendum are being delivered to registered voters in Charnwood between May 18 and May 24.   Any student who believes they are registered but does not receive a polling card by May 27 should contact Charnwood Borough Council.

It is important to note that the EU Referendum takes place on 23 June - after the end of the University term.  Any student who wants to vote in the Referendum and is not going to be in Loughborough needs to make alternative arrangements to ensure they can vote. Students can:

  • Register to vote at home. It is perfectly legitimate for students to register to vote with two local authorities, but you can only vote once in the Referendum. Voting twice would be an offence. To register in another area, visit
  • Apply for a postal vote – details of how to apply are on your polling card.

The last chance to apply to register to vote in the EU Referendum is 7 June. 

For further information about voter registration and eligibility criteria is available here.