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13 May 2016

Nominate now for the first Postgraduate Executive Officer

Nominations are still open for students to run for Postgraduate Executive Officer, a brand new position announced by the Loughborough Students' Union (LSU).

Committed to representing the voice of postgraduates and helping them to have the best experience possible, this new position to the Executive Team is a huge step forward for Loughborough.  

With nominations set to close at midnight on Sunday 15 May, the LSU are calling for students to nominate themselves for the first Postgraduate Executive Officer now.

Helen Smith, Head of the Careers Network, comments: "A role like this provides a fantastic opportunity both to represent the needs of Loughborough’s postgraduate Masters and PhD students and to enhance your own leadership experiences, employability skills and future career.

“The Loughborough Students’ Union and its partnership with the University is world-renowned and makes an enormous contribution to the student experience and our ongoing successes. Applying for this opportunity might be the best decision you will ever make, for yourself and for our PG students."

Campaigning is set to begin 16-18 May. Voting will take place on 19-20 May.

To find out more about the election and how to vote, click here