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1 Jun 2016

Re-auto enrolment in University pension schemes – three year anniversary

To help people save more for their retirement, all employers are now required by law to provide and enrol staff into a workplace pension scheme.

If you are already a member of one of the pension schemes offered by the University – the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) or Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) – you will not be affected by these changes.

However if you:

−      are not currently a member of the USS or LGPS

−      earn more than £192 per week or £833 per month

−      are aged 22 or over

−      are under State Pension Age

then the University is required to automatically re-enrol you into either USS (if you are Grade 6 and above) or LGPS (grades 1 to 5) on 1st June 2016, even if you had previously opted out or withdrawn from the scheme since 1st April 2013.

You will be notified by the Payroll and Pensions team if this applies to you. If you are in LGPS and opted out before 1st April 2013 you will be reassessed and enrolled in October 2017.

Each position that you have at the University will be assessed and you may be enrolled if the earnings on each position are above the threshold. 

You will also be affected if you are not in a qualifying scheme – LGPS 50/50 or USS Enhanced Opt out. We will contact you if this affects you.

Should you not wish to be a member of either pension scheme, you will be able to opt out. Details of how to do this are included in the Questions and Answers below. If you have previously opted out of the pension schemes you will need to do this again if you still do not wish to become a member.

If you decide to remain in the scheme you do not need to do anything.



Questions and Answers


Why have I been put into a pension scheme?

All employers now have to put their workers into a pension scheme if they earn over £10,000 per year, are aged 22 or over and are under state pension age. This is the law, because the government wants more people to have another income, in addition to the state pension, when they retire.


What if I don’t want to join the scheme?

If you don’t want to join the scheme, you need to ask to leave it. You can choose to leave the scheme within three months of the date you were put into the scheme.

You opt out by completing the forms available on the LGPS or USS websites and following their instructions. Unfortunately the University is not allowed to provide these ‘opt out’ forms direct. You will need to sign the form and send it either electronically to or post to Pensions Department, Room 1.09, Rutland Building. You cannot opt out before you have been enrolled into a scheme.

If you leave the scheme during this period any money you have already paid into your pension will be refunded and you won’t have become a member of the scheme on this occasion.


What if I ask to leave the scheme but then change my mind in the future?

You can ask to re-join the scheme by contacting your pension provider in writing by sending a letter which has to be signed by you. Or if you send it electronically, it has to contain the phrase, ‘I confirm I personally submitted this notice to join a workplace pension scheme.’

You will be entered into the scheme from the start of the next pay period.


If I ask to leave the scheme, what happens after that?

Anyone who asks to leave or stops paying into the scheme must be put back into it at a later date (usually every three years if they meet certain criteria). This is because your circumstances may have changed and it may be the right time for you to start saving. We will contact you when this happens and you can ask to leave the scheme. You will also be put into the scheme if you change position or reach the age of 22.


If I want to stay in the scheme do I have to pay in?

If you remain in the scheme you will pay a percentage of your pay, so will the University.

In LGPS is based on your annual pay and includes overtime.

Annual Pensionable Pay (including overtime)

Employee Contribution Rates

Employer Contribution Rates

Up to £13,600



£13,601 - £21,200



£21,201 - £34,400



£34,401 - £43,500



USS members contribute 8% of their basic pay.  The University pays 18%.


For further information please contact the pensions department in Room 1.09, Rutland Building or email