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3 May 2016

Local elections taking place this week – essential information for students

Elections for the Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner are set to take place o this week (Thursday 5 May) and students are reminded that if they are on the Electoral Register they can vote in these elections.

As the election approaches the following information may be of use:

How do I know if I’m on the Electoral Register?

If you are registered to vote you will have received a polling card for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections.  For students living in halls this is likely to have been sent to your hall address. For students living off campus this will be the address that you listed when you registered with the University in September/October.

I’ve not received a polling card, what do I do?

If you have not received a polling card consider whether you have moved recently.  If you have you can still vote, but you will need to vote at the polling station for your last address.  Please call Charnwood Borough Council on 01509 634546 to find out your polling station.

If your polling card is missing or lost you can still vote.  Go to your polling station and they will have a list of the Electoral Register.  Staff will check you are on the register and allow you to vote.  If you don’t know where to vote please call Charnwood Borough Council on 01509 634546 to find out your polling station.

If you are not on the Electoral Register it will not be possible to vote this time.  Visit to make sure you can vote next time there is an election. Do it now or you might not be able to vote in the EU Referendum in June.

Where do I vote?

The polling card shows your Electoral Number and which polling station you should cast your vote at. You cannot vote at any polling station, only the one on your polling card.  If you live on campus the polling station is in the Keith Green Building, near David Collett Hall.  Further information is here for off campus polling stations.

When are polling stations open?

Polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm.

Where do I find out about the candidates for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections?

You can find out about the candidates by visiting

For further information is available here about Electoral Registration