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13 May 2016

Staff - are you prepared?

Staff are being asked to consider how prepared they are ahead of Business Continuity Awareness Week, 16 – 20 May.

Business Continuity is a solid framework which can be utilised in times of crisis. It provides stability within a business by building resilience and devising strategies that will enable operations to recover quickly and effectively from disruptions of varying sizes or causes.

The theme for this year’s Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) is ‘Return on Investment’, which has been chosen to highlight the benefits of considering Business Continuity as part of the organisations priorities.

Throughout BCAW, staff are being encouraged to think about their area of work and what would happen if an incident disrupted normal levels of service, who it would affect, what the effect would be and, how long it would take to regain full levels of service.

Any areas where staff identify a potential risk should speak to their line manager about plans to take it forward.

For more information on Business Continuity at the University, click here.