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14 Mar 2016

Loughborough research helps guide new adidas clothing for children

Loughborough researchers have been working with leading sports brand adidas to help develop sports tops specifically for children that help keep them cool during exercise. 

Led by Professor George Havenith from the University’s Environmental Ergonomics Research Centre, the Loughborough team looked at the body heat management of children aged 10 and under. 

They found that while teens and adults tend to keep their skin cool by evaporating sweat, this is less developed in children under the age of ten. Younger children’s skin is more reliant on dry heat loss all over their body, leading to a hotter skin. With a reduced sweat response, they require full body ventilation to stay cool and avoid overheating during a workout. 

Using this information adidas has developed a range of ‘climacool’ training tops aimed solely at children under 10 which offer full air flow during exercise. 

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