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16 Jun 2016

Photo inspired by research makes the shortlist in image competition

PhD student, Raasti Naseem, has made the shortlist in the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) annual Reflections of Research image competition.

Raasti’s shortlisted entry, titled A life-saver in close-up, depicts a stent at high magnification. Following a heart attack, stents are often surgically implanted into the blocked blood vessel to improve the blood supply to the heart.

As part of his PhD funded by the BHF, Raasti is investigating why the performance of stents degenerate over time, with the ultimate aim of preventing a person having to go back into surgery to have their stent replaced.

The BHF currently funds £16 million of research into heart and circulatory diseases at universities and hospitals in the East Midlands.

This competition reflects the charity’s ground-breaking research into heart and circulatory diseases and provides a glimpse into the cutting edge research that the BHF funds.