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10 Jun 2016

Notice to all students ahead of the end of term

With the weather heating up and the exam period drawing to a close, students are reminded to be respectful of others.

While some students may have finished their exams, others across campus will still be working. Exams continue until the last day of term – Wednesday 15 June. The University would like to remind all students to be considerate of others, both on and off campus during this time.

Please remember your fellow students or local residents when having parties or BBQs. Think about keeping music to a background level at all times, especially outdoors. Also, consider ending you BBQ or celebrations at a reasonable time or take it inside so that you don’t disturb others.

At this time of year swimming in open water can seem like a great idea. The University has been asked to remind students that swimming in open water areas can be extremely dangerous. Each year, a number of people die in open water related incidents. It is advised that students consider these risks and only swim in safe, specifically designated swimming areas.