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3 Jun 2016

Important message from IT Services for students

As part of the changes to day to day IT Services the University is streamlining and consolidating processes relating to student accounts.

From the start of the 2016-17 academic year students will be provided with a Microsoft Office account and have access to OneDrive and Office Online. During this change of service, student information stored on your documents area (U drive) will be copied to OneDrive storage. Alongside this change, there will be changes to how you access student timetabling information.

Returning Students

What do I need to do?
Prior to leaving for the summer break it is recommended that general housekeeping of your Documents area (U drive) is carried out and any legacy data and files are deleted, backed up and removed. This will reduce the risk of any problems during these changes.

What to expect on my return?
On returning and accessing the system for the first time you will be prompted for your login credentials similarly to the current process. The new service is intuitive however. Instructions on how to access your new services and navigating the web applications will be provided in due course via newsfeeds and the dedicated website.

Your student email account will not change from Google until Semester 2 in 2017 when the complete migration to Microsoft services will finish.

What do I need to do on my return?
On your return you should login to your account and familiarise yourself with the service and check that any data you left on your documents area (U drive) has been successfully migrated. The existing storage which houses your documents area (U drive) will be removed from service as part of these changes and will no longer be accessible. Google accounts will continue to be provided in parallel to allow you time to move any data to your Microsoft account. Should you have any issue during this period please contact the IT Services Help Desk or the PC Clinic (situated in the Library).

In addition to the above, should you wish to import timetables into a calendar application of your choice you will be required to subscribe to an ICS file. Details of this can be found here.

Leaving Students
If you are due to complete your studies soon, your student record will be updated to reflect that you are leaving. As a result of this, your student account will expire, and your access to systems such as email, Learn, Athens and your Documents area (U drive) will lapse.

We cannot specify the exact date that this will happen, as it varies from course to course. However your account will be extended by 90 days following graduation to provide a suitable window for you to take action. We will also write to you during this expiry period.

Actions to be taken:

Prior to your account expiring it is your responsibility to carry out the following actions for retrieval of documents in the area’s listed below. Please visit our help page for information on how to do this. We recommended that you add the webpage to your web browsers bookmarks/favourites before your account expires.

Please don’t forget to consider:

  • Saving data from your student email account
  • Saving any material you need access to from Learn
  • Checking your printing credit balance
  • Copying data from your Document Area (U Drive)

It is also recommended that you ensure your personal details such as email address and contact numbers are up to date in the student self-service system, under the “Contact Details” TAB.