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17 Jun 2016

Loughborough team win app design challenge

A team of four students from the Computer Science department have won the 2016 Atos IT Challenge for the creation of management tool, Breadcrumb.

The theme of this year’s Atos IT Challenge was to create a smart mobile app to help track and manage personal data from the perspective of an individual, citizen, an employee or a consumer.

The team from Loughborough, creators Jeansy Molanza, Rawand Hawiz, Jiefei Wei and Gary Bennett, made it through the competitions three heats and won with their app development, Breadcrumb.

Breadcrumb is a real-time impression management tool which helps to manage and optimise online information, create tactical content with a specific aim and, gain access to business analytics which highlight the audience’s receptivity to online marketing campaigns.

The completion’s finalists are set to receive their awards in June at a ceremony in Paris.