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24 Jun 2016

Loughborough team runners-up in Engineering YES final

A team from Loughborough have come second in the Engineering YES final.

The annual competition, founded in 2009, invites postgraduate research students and post-doctoral researchers to showcase their innovation and teamwork skills to industry experts from commercial, financial and engineering sectors.

Two teams from Loughborough entered this year’s competition, but it was Revma who were awarded second place.

The team, consisting of Alex Shaw, Alexander Wright, Stavros Yika-Tuesta, Carlos Granja and Ben Fitzpatrick, won with their business plan for Revma – an environmentally friendly, low cost, ozone based water cleaning system for swimming pools.

They were awarded a £500 prize sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). They were presented with the cheque by Paul Mitchell of RBS at Faraday Wharf on the Innovation Birmingham Campus.

The Engineering YES programme is run by Loughborough University in partnership with Loughborough Beacon Rotary and other Rotary clubs around the UK. Rolls Royce is the main sponsor for the event, with support from Royal Bank of Scotland, Natural Environment Research Council, Potter Clarkson and the Rotary Clubs.