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22 Jul 2016

EU Referendum: lecture capture of open session

A recording of the open session about the EU Referendum that the Vice-Chancellor held with staff and research students on 19 July is now available online.

The Vice-Chancellor’s presentation covered the facts that we currently know, the issues we don’t yet have clarity on, and what we at the University are doing in light of the Referendum result.

Questions from those who attended the session covered a range of areas.

When asked whether universities are taking a collective stance in response to the result, the Vice-Chancellor said that Universities UK has established a group, of which he is a member. The group was initially set up to consider the new higher education bill the Government is bringing forward, but it will also be looking at issues that arise from Brexit.

In response to a question about whether the University would be trying to influence the Government’s Brexit negotiations, the Vice-Chancellor said his message would be clear and simple: that our staff, and crucially the diversity of our staff, are one of the primary reasons that Loughborough is one of the UK’s most successful universities, and that nothing should be done to undermine that.

There was also a question about how Loughborough can help to overcome the negative perception that some people might now have about the UK. The Vice-Chancellor said he believes that the values the University holds should permeate society and that we must take every opportunity to give that simple message, especially to prospective staff and students and to influential individuals and bodies.

If anyone has any general questions about the EU Referendum, please email the Corporate Communications Office and we will add them to the FAQs online. If the query relates to a specific case or individual, please direct those questions to the appropriate office at the University.