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6 Jan 2016

Students - keep your stuff safe

Get loads of cool things for Christmas? If it’s valuable to you, it will be to somebody else too.

The University, in collaboration with Leicestershire Police, are reminding students to be extra cautious following the Christmas period and throughout the year.

If you were lucky enough to get a new phone, laptop or iPad during the festive period, you could be a target for potential thieves. Thieves will take advantage of an opportune situation, so our advice is – don't make it easy for them.

Here are some top tips on keeping your stuff safe:

  • Register your valuables with
  • Got a bike? Use a D-lock to secure it
  • Don't leave your items on display
  • Consider insurance options for valuable items
  • Think about engraving, etching or using an ultra-violet (UV) marker pen to inscribe your items
  • Leaving your house or room? Close your windows and lock your doors and gates
  • Keep an up-to-date inventory of valuable items. Take photographs of personal items and note the make, model and serial number of assets such as computers, mobile phones and printers. This makes it easier for police to trace the items if stolen.

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