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14 Jan 2016

Academic misconduct - don’t get caught out

Don’t fall foul of academic misconduct during your exams.

Remember the Seven Deadly Sins…

1)    You are not allowed to have mobile phones or any other electronic devices on you in the exam hall – leave them at home.

2)    Your own blank paper is not allowed in the exam hall under any circumstances.

3)    You are not allowed any revision notes or notes of any sort in the exam hall.

4)    No objects you have in the exam hall should have any writing on them.

5)    You are not allowed to have any writing on your body in the exam hall whether it is related to the exam or not.

6)    Dictionaries are only allowed when you have a letter from your Department confirming that the dictionary is permitted. Dictionaries are thoroughly checked in the exam hall. If you borrowed a dictionary you must check for any writing in them as this is not allowed.

7)    Calculators are not allowed in certain exams so please check. You must have a calculator that has been approved by the University.

More information is available online about examination regulations, examination hall procedures, and the support available to help you through the exam period.