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22 Feb 2016

Apply now to become a Peer Mentor

An exciting new opportunity has arisen for students who want to offer peer support and develop new skills.

With plans to provide every first year in 2016/17 with the support of a Mentor, current students are being encouraged to get involved.

The role of a Peer Mentor is to provide a friendly face and point of contact to signpost students to relevant members of staff or student services.

Students that are most successful within this role are those that see the value in being a trustworthy peer, who are naturally supportive and enthusiastic and, are at ease in their University environment.

Students who have either mentored or have been mentored before will benefit from their previous experience, but all new mentors will receive specific peer support training. Mentors will also be invited to attend exclusive advanced training sessions throughout the duration of their role.

Those who become a mentor will –

  • Receive points for their Loughborough Employability award
  • Enhance their CV through their position in a well-respected role
  • Develop key skills such as communication, organisation, interpersonal and adaptability

The Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Scheme will also be running across six different Departments next year, facilitating learning support for students, by students.

Aspiring Peer Assisted Learning Facilitators (PALFs) should be patient, strong communicators and to be enthusiastic about their course.

PALF sign up closes on 5 March.

To apply for Peer Assisted Learning,click here.

Peer mentoring sign-up closes on 16 March.

To apply for Peer Mentoring, click here.