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5 Feb 2016

Professor Paul Downward presents inaugural lecture

Professor Paul Downward is set to deliver his inaugural lecture, titled ‘I may not be healthy but I am happy. Please leave me alone! Some peculiar economics of sport and exercise participation.

In his lecture, he will outline the current low levels of sport and physical activity in the UK. Drawing upon economic analysis, he will seek to address two related questions: ‘what is the value of active leisure through sport and physical activity to individuals? And, ‘is there a subsequent case to prioritise the promotion of such activity to generate health or should the focus be on more general well-being benefits?

Professor Downward will argue that paradoxically, stemming from an economic account of behaviour that focusses on the individual, the greatest gains for the individual’s own well-being from sport and physical activity might come from social interactions.

He illustrates how social science has an important role in sport, exercise and health research in informing policy, and exploring the constraints and challenges involved in translating, for example, health related research insight into changed behaviour.

The lecture will take place on Wednesday 10 February at 5pm, with light refreshments of tea, coffee and cakes served from 4.30pm.

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