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15 Feb 2016

Important changes to Kinchbus Sprint service

As a result of the success of the free campus travel initiative the paid for service which travels across campus and into town and the station – the Kinchbus Sprint service  - has often become overloaded with people travelling for free.  Fee paying passengers, who are relying on the bus to get them to their offsite destination, have increasingly been unable to board the bus, particularly at the end of the day peak period.

As a result of this a change has been made to the operation of the bus services.   

Between the hours of 4pm and 6pm travel on the Kinchbus Sprint is limited to paying passengers only that are going off campus. This will ensure the paid for service will consistently be available for those who are using public transport as a sustainable means of travel.

Free cross campus travel between 4pm and 6pm will still be available via the campus shuttle.   To cope with the additional demand as a result of the change to the Kinchbus Sprint extra campus shuttles will be put on during this time. A new stop has also been added to this service - opposite the NCSEM building -  to serve the East park and School of the Arts, English and Drama.

The University’s travel team would welcome feedback on the changes to the bus service, from both users of the paid service into Loughborough and also users of the free campus shuttle. Please send your feedback to Elliott Brown The team is particularly keen to know if there are any significant time delays associated with the operation of the free campus shuttle service over the 4pm-6pm peak period.  The operation of the whole campus bus service is currently under review as the University goes through the tender process for the bus contract and now is a good time to make views known.