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15 Dec 2016

PDR milestones successfully completed

The latest phase of the roll out of the revised Performance and Development Review (PDR) process has been successfully completed with the conclusion of training across all academic Schools and Professional Services.

In total more than 600 members of staff across the University were identified as people who would be PDR reviewers.  They have now received the mandatory training required.  Everyone received six hours of training covering the process of the revised PDR, giving effective feedback and performance ratings and setting clear performance and development objectives.

In a further milestone for the project work to develop the new academic PDR online system has now been completed.  The system, developed by IT Services will be used for academic staff to prepare for their PDR. The online system brings together data currently held in different systems, making the whole process much more streamlined.

PDR reviews will now commence from 1 January and run through until the 31 March 2017.

Following a 12 month consultation period, the PDR process was reviewed and updated to better suit the University’s strategic values. The improved scheme was piloted in the Design School and School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering and HR early in 2016.

Performance and Development Review’s provide all staff with a valuable opportunity to reflect on their experiences at work and receive constructive feedback on their performance and development. The PDR process also enables staff to discuss their future performance and development objectives.

Improvements made to the PDR process aim to address how the University can work with staff in order to help them achieve their maximum potential and ensure that staff are rewarded for achieving excellence. The changes enable a closer link between excellent performance and achievement and formal recognition of them through revised reward arrangements.

A PDR website is available providing a range of information about the PDR process for both reviewers and reviewees.  The webpages also contain information on the new academic PDR online system.