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31 Aug 2016

Reminder: Aspiring athletes set to compete at Loughborough

Sporting stars of the future are gearing up to compete in the 2016 School Games national finals at Loughborough this September.

The major multi-sport event, taking place 1-4 September, will see 1,600 of the UK’s best young athletes take part in an Olympic style event held on campus.

Throughout the duration of the Games, staff and students are advised to be aware that many car parks across campus will be closed fully or partially to allow for the build and operations of the event.

Areas affected are:

  • 27 August - 4 September - Car Park 3 partially closed
  • 29August - 4 September - The Towers Way barrier will be down restricting access to the netball and tennis centres
  • 1- 4September - Car Park 18 closed
  • 30 August - 4 September - Top level of Library car park closed
  • Car Park 5 will be partially closed 26 August -6 September and fully closed 27August - 4 September
  • Car Park 13/14 and Margaret Keay Road will be closed 2-3 September 6pm - 22.00
  • Other smaller car parks next to sporting venues will also have restricted access.

Towers Way, East link Road and Margaret Keay Road will also be closed for the Rugby, Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony at the following times:

Thursday 1 September 6pm-9pm

Friday 2 September 12:30pm-4pm

Saturday 3September 1:30pm-9:30pm

Sunday 4September 09:30am-10:00pm

During these periods, staff and students are encouraged to explore alternative modes of transport and consider walking, cycling or public transport options.

Throughout the Games, there will also be increased levels of noise especially in proximity of Hockey Pitches, Rugby Rubber Crumb, outdoor Tennis Courts and Shirley Pearce Square where there will be outdoor PA systems in intermittent use between competitions.

University staff are welcome to catch some of the action with free standing access at outdoor events with a valid staff card. Tickets to seated and indoor events can be purchased online.

For more information about the events and activities on campus, click here.

If you need to contact the University about parking or use of the PA, please call Security, (01509) 222141.