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8 Apr 2016

Professor Donald Hirsch to present inaugural lecture

Professor Donald Hirsch, Department of Social Sciences, is set to deliver his inaugural lecture discussing the National Living Wage on 27 April.

The lecture, titled Not by pay alone: Securing acceptable living standards for working families, will discuss how the National Living Wage is being linked to reduced state support and how this threatens to leave many working families worse off.

Professor Hirsch will raise fundamental issues about how to support adequate living standards while attempting to define at what point low household income becomes enough of a concern to justify government action.

In his lecture, Professor Hirsch will warn against undue reliance on wages alone to support working families, while at the same time arguing that adequate in-work benefits will be unaffordable if wages remain too low. The lecture will propose some clear principles to guide how the state and employers can share responsibility for improving living standards. 

The lecture will take place at 5pm in the Brockington Extension, room U.0.20.

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