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23 Sep 2015

Loughborough University project supports visionary research-based artwork

Loughborough University’s Creative Outreach Resource Efficiency (CORE) project has provided the impetus for the development of a brand new research-based artwork, due to go on display this weekend.

London-based artists BurtonNitta have been working with scientists from five leading universities to create the art piece, to be exhibited at the V&A Museum on 26-27 September.

The artwork, entitled Instruments of the Afterlife, depicts a future vision where energy needs and planetary consumption are balanced creating self-sustaining systems with little environmental impact.

It has been created in response to research carried out by the Cleaning Land for Wealth project (CL4W), which is funded alongside CORE, as part of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Resource Efficiency portfolio.

The CL4W project explores ways contaminated land can be brought back to life using bacteria and nano-particles from plants to collect toxic matter such as metals and arsenic. The idea is to cleanse land which has been damaged through centuries of misuse, making decontamination financially viable and, providing manufacturing industries with new materials without the need for mining or smelting.

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