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10 Sep 2015

Lecturer wins Hackathon prizes

Dr Zulfikar Adamu, School of Civil and Building Engineering, has attended three Hacakthon’s, winning a total of three prizes.

Hackathon’s give designers, builders, and those that maintain built environments, the opportunity to collaborate with cutting edge IT developers and designers to create Applications.

Hackathon attendees, or ‘hackers’, are individuals who have a passion for coding. Like many hackers, Dr Adamu has sacrificed his weekends over the summer to work in teams in an attempt to win prizes.

His participation at each event was on the 3D aspects of Apps, relating specifically to programming virtual 3D models.

After signing up online, hackers meet fellow programmers for the first time on a Friday evening and pitch their idea and campaign for team members in one hour. The process is then to form a team in 30 minutes, develop the App over the weekend and finally, pitch the App to a panel of judges in just 2 – 5 minutes.

Prizes awarded to Dr Adamu’s teams are as follows:

Angelhack - Autodesk Prize

AECHackathon - Best Overall Project and Autodesk Prize

Flir’s Bring The Heat Hacakthon - Best Hardware App