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28 Sep 2015

Changes to the structure of the School of Science administrative support team

A review of administrative support for the School of Science has resulted in some changes to the structure and operation of the service.

These changes, effective as of 21 September, may have implications for how staff communicate with colleagues within the school.

Previously, the administrative support teams were structured around the six constituent units. Under the revised structure, new teams are organised around processes rather than constituent departments.

Administrative teams have now been combined into two administrative hubs, Central and West, with a number of sub-teams offering a school-wide or local service depending on their function.

Revisions are as follows:

School of Science Central Park Admin Hub (Schofield Building – SCH.0.10)

School of Science West Park Admin Hub (Sir David Davies Building – W.1.45)

Each team will use one or more shared email address which are provided above. Colleagues can also contact individuals within the teams via telephone, Jabber Instant Messenger or in person. All business correspondence is encouraged to be sent to the shared address.

With immediate effect, colleagues are requested to use the new departmental contact details.

For more information or to provide feedback, please email