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20 Oct 2015

Reminder about traffic and parking on and off campus

With term well underway and campus once more buzzing with activity it is timely to remind staff and students about traffic and parking on and off campus.

All users of University roads, including cyclists, are required to comply with the provisions of the Highway Code, Ordinance XXIII and with the University’s Traffic and Parking Code.

If you are parking on campus it is important to note that a permit is required and students and staff should only park in the appropriately designated (staff or student) car parks.

Parking off campus is severely restricted and local regulations apply.  Staff, students, tenants and visitors may not park on roads in the area surrounding the University where signage indicates that University parking is not permitted or where vehicular access restrictions apply.  Please help the University be a good neighbour and avoid parking off campus if you can so that problems are not created for local residents who live adjacent to campus – every year the University receives complaints about inconsiderate parking involving blocked accesses and pavements.

Breaches of the regulations can be regarded as disciplinary offences and the University’s security team are pro-active in enforcing the regulations on and off campus.

Remember the university is committed to improving transport for staff, students and visitors and promoting more sustainable forms of transport.  The Sustainability team’s webpages provide more information on the different ways you can travel to the University. 

Thank you for your co-operation.