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14 Oct 2015

Student Advice and Support Service awarded the Advice Quality Standard

The University’s Student Advice and Support Service has been awarded the Advice Quality Standard (AQS), a quality mark for organisations that provide advice to the public on legal issues.

Organisations that apply for the AQS are required to demonstrate that they are easily accessible, effectively managed, and employ staff with the skills and knowledge to meet the needs of their clients.

This was the first time that the Student Advice and Support Service at Loughborough applied for a quality mark. The audit included a rigorous examination of all polices and procedure used to ensure the smooth running of the service.

The auditor conducting the examination said: “‘It was clear from both interview, and documentary evidence that processes and documentation are all maintained to an extremely high standard and staff are committed to ensuring that students experience the most positive journey during their time with the University.

“It was a pleasure to audit such a valuable service within the University and committed team of individuals, with a real enthusiasm for the role they take in student welfare. I am satisfied beyond any doubt that the organisation does meet the requirements of the Advice Service Alliance’s Advice Quality Standard.”