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1 Oct 2015

Making sense of maths: new e-learning programme to support teenagers born very prematurely

A new web-based e-learning programme to boost the maths skills of teenagers born very prematurely is to be developed with the help of Loughborough University. 

The unique platform is intended to be used by teachers to support children’s learning as part of a three-year study funded by children’s charity Action Medical Research

Dr Camilla Gilmore, Reader in Mathematical Cognition at Loughborough’s Maths Education Centre, is part of the award-winning research team[1] which will explore how children’s maths skills have developed from primary to secondary school. These findings will then be used to develop the e-learning programme. 

Maths skills are linked to future employment prospects and earning potential. With one in every 50 babies being born before 32 weeks of pregnancy, this means that almost all teachers will be responsible for supporting children who were born very early.[2]

Read the full press release for more information.

[1] Other members of the research team include: Lucy Cragg and Heather Wharrad of the University of Nottingham; Neil Marlow at University College London; Victoria Simms who is based at Ulster University; and Rose Griffiths at the University of Leicester.

[2] National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. Preterm labour and birth final scope. 10 July 2013. Website accessed 28 January 2015.