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26 Oct 2015

IT partner Event

Staff are invited to attend an IT partner event which will demonstrate how IT Services plan to consolidate services to Microsoft Office 365.

Those attending will be able to see how the Microsoft Office 365 platform will enhance user experience, allowing for easier transition as the Google services are gradually phased out. The event aims to highlight what a future unified strategy in this area can bring.

The benefits of Microsoft Office 365 include:

• Unlimited file store using Microsoft OneDrive.
• Web based access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office from any device – no requirement for fileport, VPN, USB sticks, Dropbox, duplication of files etc.
• Rich collaboration tools for both staff and students.
• Easy access to free Microsoft software for student and staff home use.

The event provides the opportunity for staff to provide feedback on what they would find useful for their work, collaboration and engagement with students.


10.00am Welcome and introductions

10.05am Presentation: Productivity platform 

10.45am Break for refreshments

11.00am Discussion & feedback on proposal

11.50am Closing remarks

The event will take place in the James France Building (CC.0.13) on 4 November, 10am-12pm. Please register your attendance on