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9 Oct 2015

Better Decisions campaign kicks off today

Taking place at the Union's FND night, the Better Decisions campaign encourages students to consider the implications of their actions on themselves and those around them. 

Better Decisions focuses on the pressures and effects of drinking which can lead to unprotected sex, an unhealthy lifestyle and antisocial behaviour.

The campaign aims to get students actively thinking about the impact of their decisions on their own health, education and future prospects, while also taking into consideration their friends, neighbours and local residents.

At tonight’s FND, there will be an array of activities and goodies available to students, including free chlamydia testing, a Better Decisions Selfie Competition, Skins Condoms giveaways and sweets for the journey home.

The LSU Exec team, Welfare and Diversity Committee and Hall Reps will all be out in force at the Union’s most popular night encouraging students to make better decisions.

As part of the campaign, the LSU and partners, Club Mission, will be taking bacon sandwiches to their affiliates in the Golden Triangle Student area of town, to give students a solid start to their day. This will be done from St Peter’s Church under the campaign name #GoodMorning.