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13 Nov 2015

Professor Helen Drake asks ‘Has Europe unmade France?’

Professor Helen Drake will deliver her inaugural lecture on 18 November.

In her lecture, Professor Drake, from the Department of Politics, History and International Relations, is set to explore exceptionalism, internationalism and national identity in an attempt to answer, ‘Has Europe unmade France?’

She will trace the conscious remaking of contemporary French national identity around the idea of European political union.

She will also explore how contemporary France projects iconic images onto the world on an industrial scale and how these factors, pictures and emotions have played a vital part in the construction of French national identity.

The lecture will consider whether France, in 2015, is still France and attempt to answer the question, ‘can we make Europe without unmaking France (faire l’Europe sans défaire la France)?

The lecture will take place on at 5pm in the James France Building.

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