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28 May 2015

Volunteers wanted for new study ‘Can passive heating improve glucose control?’

The Leicester-Loughborough Diet, Lifestyle and Physical Activity Biomedical Research Unit are looking for volunteers to help with a new study.

The study, which will look at the effects of passive heating on glucose control, will take place at the University.

To take part, you must fit the following credentials:

  • Male
  • Between the ages of 18-35 or 60-75 years of age
  • BMI either 18-24 or 27-35
  • No chronic disease
  • Non-smoker
  • Below 1.5 hours of structured exercise per week
  • Generally fit and healthy

Volunteers will receive a comprehensive health check and supervised exercise testing.

If you are interested, please contact Dr Steve Faulkner by email or call Alison Stanley on (01509) 226445.