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26 May 2015

Up-and-coming artists and designers showcase their work at degree show

Artwork by Laura Middleton

Loughborough University’s School of the Arts and Design School students will exhibit their work to members of the public, schools and businesses in their end of year show opening in June.

The School of the Arts Degree Show 2015 is open to the public from Saturday 6 June until Sunday 14 June. It will be staged across the School of the Arts sites from 10am until 5pm daily.

The show, which includes the Foundation Art & Design Exhibition, will feature the work of more than 400 final year undergraduate and foundation students across a range of artistic disciplines including Fine Art, Textiles, 3D Design, Graphic Communication and Illustration.

Illustration student Laura Middleton will be among those exhibiting at the event. With an interest in storytelling, Laura’s illustrations in pencil and paint present fresh interpretations of familiar stories.  Her work takes a contemporary approach to traditional media by combining pencil and paint with graphic elements and bold compositions to depict ideas that break away from cliché.

Matteo Allodi, a Fine Art student, will also be displaying his series of innovative cast cornet and glass sculptures which explore ideas relating to ‘ruins’. His inspiration and the concept of ruin has recently been extensively explored in a survey exhibition at Tate Britain.

The Design School show will be open to the public on Friday 12 June until Monday 15 June, from 10am until 5pm. It will feature work from all undergraduate finalists for the very first time, including Design Ergonomics and Ergonomics (Human Factors Design) students.

On show at Loughborough Design School will be a range of prototype designs, project abstracts and information about the designers and their individual projects.  It is a fantastic opportunity to meet talented students and gain an understanding of their inspiration, ideas and innovations.  

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