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1 May 2015

Change Team lunchtime sessions

Staff are invited to attend lunchtime talks to discuss the improvement of University processes.

The Change Team, set up by Dr Anne Mumford in September 2013, work on a wide range of prioritised process improvement projects.

They work on these projects with sponsors, process owners and various people within the University who are involved in University processes.

These lunchtime sessions are a chance for the team to present the current status (which varies across projects) and to gain wider input into their work.

Sessions include:

  • Helen Clarke

Make me a booking for my business trip and insure me     

  • Sam Marshall

Make me a student: Improving student finance processes for Loughborough applicants 

  • Andrew Cooney

Maintain my facility so it is fit for purpose   

  • Steve Widdowson

Improving Professional development processes for our PGR Students

  • Anne Mumford             

Recruit me as a member of staff at Loughborough University

  • Jo Workman                      

Adjusting for students with disabilities: Process improvement for exams in alternative venues

Members of the Change Team are assigned a wide range of projects, which cut across Schools and Professional Services. Projects are prioritised at a monthly Process Change Portfolio Board chaired by the Chief Operating Officer. 

For more information on specific events, please click the links or contact Sarah Waterfield