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17 Mar 2015

The National Student Survey – it really does help us to make a difference

If you’re a finalist and still wondering whether it’s worth your while to take part in the National Student Survey, have a look at how the feedback from students in previous years has helped to make changes to the Loughborough Student Experience.

  • Placement opportunities are available on every undergraduate course
  • Lecture theatres have been redeveloped in James France, Brockington, Wolfson and EHB
  • Informal learning and study areas have been created in James France and the Brockington Extension
  • 24-hour Library opening was extended in the run up to the January exams.
  • Discounted or free IT software has been made available to download
  • Specialist IT software has been made available
  • More lectures are available on the ReView capture system
  • Exam timetables are now released several weeks earlier
  • Online personalised timetables are now available
  • The Library was given £4 million make-over
  • An IT hub was created in the redeveloped Haslegrave building
  • Falkner-Eggington, David Collett, Elvyn Richards and Faraday have been refurbished
  • Multi-use Ball, Games and Beach Parks were created and are free to everyone
  • The state-of-the-art Holywell Fitness Centre gym and sports hall was built

See more examples on our NSS website

Complete the NSS now and help us make the Loughborough Student Experience even better.