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3 Mar 2015

Manage your Money with the Fundemists

The Fundemists Project – brainchild of Megan Powell-Vreeswijk, Head of the Studio, and PhD student and Studio alumni, Sophie Louise Hyde – launches this month to help female undergraduate and postgraduate students get to grips with their finances.

The project will help participants to budget effectively by keeping a record of their weekly outgoings – to see where those pennies really go – and meet once a month to share savvy spending secrets.

Sophie-Louise says: “It can be really difficult to manage your budget and work out your finances each term to cover living and study costs – not to mention a huge worry. This project will help young women take charge of their cash and make the most of their money.”

“Knowing what you spend your money on is the first stage to taking control of your finances. The project will provide easy-to-use tools to help people make this all-important step, as well as plenty of ideas about how to spend wisely and within budget.”

“Once you get into good habits, it’s easier to avoid money worries – both now, as a student, and in the future.”

The group will meet on the last Wednesday of each month with the first meeting scheduled for Wednesday 25 March, 1.00-2.00pm.

Find out more and sign up to join the Fundemists by visiting the Project’s Facebook page.