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1 Jun 2015

Study spaces and support during your exams

Study spaces

The Library is open 24/7 throughout the exam period.

Although the Library can get very busy during exams, there’s plenty of other space available across campus where you can revise and study. There’s an online map and a list of where these spaces are.

If you need computer facilities, there are a number of PC labs across campus which are open to everyone. Have a look online to find your nearest ones. The IT Services website provides real-time information on whether there are computers currently available. Your School will also have computers that you will be able to use – go to Lab Contacts for a list.

Specialist IT software and PC clinics

IT Services make a wide range of software available for you to download free of charge, including Office 2013 for Windows and Office 2011 for Mac. Other specialist packages are available at discounted prices. For a full list of everything available, and details of how to download it, go to the IT Services website.

And IT Services can also help through the PC Clinic in Library if you have problems with your laptop or desktop.

Mathematics Learning Support Centres

The University’s two Mathematics Learning Support Centres are open to all Loughborough students. They offer study space with books and computers available, and one-to-one drop-in support with mathematics and statistics.

The Centre operates on two sites – Angela Marmont and Sir David Davis Building. Details of the opening hours are available online.

Personal support

There are lots of people on hand at the University who can help if you feel you need some guidance throughout the exams. The Student Services section offers a range of support, including a counselling service and dyslexia support.