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2 Jun 2015

LU spearheads €5.8m project to help halve European road deaths

Road safety experts in the University’s Design School are leading a €5.8m European project designed to help halve road deaths in Europe by 2020.

25,900 fatalities occurred on Europe’s roads in 2012. More than half of these fatalities (55%) were vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, children, the elderly and disabled. The European Commission (EC) has set ambitious targets to halve this figure by 2020, and reach close to zero fatalities by 2050.

Funded by the EC’s Horizon 2020 Programme, SafetyCube will develop an evidence-based road safety decision support system (DSS) to enable policy-makers and stakeholders to identify the most cost-effective measures to address the most pressing road safety problems.

The project brings together 18 partners from 15 European countries and spans all elements of road safety from infrastructures and speed limits, to vehicles, road users, and driver behaviour. The team of transdisciplinary experts will bring in-depth road traffic accident data resources together with detailed injury databases, trauma registers, insurance data and information on road user behaviour.

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