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30 Jun 2015

Loughborough University Online Store

As the University academic year comes to a close, staff are reminded that the Online Store is available for taking online payments rather than handling cash, cheques or raising invoices for small amounts within your section or department.

There is no limit to the amount that can be taken on the store and this facility is available free of charge.  There is the usual 1.2% card charge but this is included in the amount shown on the store and therefore paid for by the customer. 

We are trying to minimise the amount of invoices raised to finance as there are still quite a few raised for nominal amounts which can be taken quickly and easily through the Online Store. Taking payments for conferences, products, services or short courses can all be done through the store and they go straight into the correct departmental finance code. This saves money in staff time as administration of taking such payments is reduced significantly.

For further information on what the store currently sells please visit:

If you have a suggestion of something that could be added to the store, please contact Jo Brewin.