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29 Jul 2015

Visual identity update

The University recently shared a planned change in its visual identity which replaced the 1996 logo with a flexible octagonal design that was optimised for online use. As you probably know, the change was met with much robust feedback. Since then, the Marketing team have been working hard to digest the feedback and to bring forward new proposals.

The feedback we received in response to the original proposals focused very strongly on pride, heritage and reputation. The team have attempted to more centrally reflect that in the new proposals and have taken time to test the development of this theme and to develop how it might work alongside increased usage of the Coat of Arms. The new logo proposal is, in essence, a simplified version of the Coat of Arms, developed in a way to optimise online use.

Further information on the new proposals is available online.

We want to provide an opportunity for feedback before making a final decision and you can email any comments you have to by August 10, 2015.


Richard Taylor
Chief Operating Officer