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1 Jul 2015

Staff Volunteering

HR volunteering at the Canal and River Trust earlier this year

As part of its commitment to community engagement and social responsibility the University has introduced a formal Employer Supported Volunteering Policy. The new policy is intended to support, encourage and develop employees by facilitating their involvement in volunteering opportunities within the community and for charitable organisations.

The move seeks to build on the success of the Students' Union who lead by example in organising a huge range of volunteering opportunities for students.  It has also become clear that many members of staff already volunteer in their spare time and such a policy would support their endeavours.  

The policy complements the support given for community activities of staff through the Community Donations Fund

Staff are eligible to apply for up to one working day (one day paid absence) each year (or pro-rata for staff who work part time) to undertake approved volunteer work.

Staff can volunteer individually for a personal cause, or one supported by the University, such as school governors. Departmental volunteering opportunities can also be arranged through LSU Action.  Human Resources and Student Services have undertaken volunteering in this way already. 

It is important that any volunteering is managed to ensure the continuity of normal university business.  All activity will therefore be at the discretion of individual line managers.

The full policy and an application form can be accessed via the HR website