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1 Jul 2015

CBE Academics win prestigious award from the Engineering Project Organization Society

Professor Andrew Dainty and Dr Scott Fernie have been awarded the Best Paper award at the Engineering Project Organization Conference 2016 in Edinburgh.

Their paper entitled “Don’t believe the (BIM) hype: the unexpected corollaries of the UK ‘BIM revolution’” was written along with co-authors Dr Roine Leiringer (University of Hong Kong) and Professor Chris Harty (University of Reading).

The paper was praised for highlighting an important debate about the role of digital technology in the construction reform agenda and especially the differential effects that it might have on smaller firms that make up the vast majority of those operating in the sector.

The U.S. conference only comes to Europe once every three years making it a great achievement for a UK-centred paper to win.

Professor Carrie Dossick from the University of Washington, commented: "We award this paper because it is very well written and provoked the most discussion in the committee. We feel that it should be widely read and discussed."