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8 Jan 2015

University funds 40 new PhD studentships

The University has announced funding for 40 new PhD studentships across the campus.

Awarded by the Graduate School, the studentships span all six research challenges at the University, with every academic school benefitting from the funding.  Ten individual studentships have been granted, with the remaining 30 broken down into six mini Centres for Doctoral Training, each with five posts.

Professor Andrew Dainty, Director of the Graduate School, said: “This is a major financial investment by the University and underlines its commitment to supporting and developing doctoral research at Loughborough.”

Full details of the studentships can be found below:

 Mini Centres for Doctoral Training

Lead School

Participating Schools

Research Challenge

Proposed Title of Mini-CDT

Lead Academic

Sport, Exercise and Health   Sciences

Social, Political and   Geographical Sciences

Culture, Communication and Citizenship

Sport and Citizenship

Professor Richard   Giulianotti

Mechanical and   Manufacturing Engineering

Aeronautical, Automotive,   Chemical and Materials Engineering; Science

Health and Wellbeing

Fighting Infectious   Disease: Pushing the boundaries in diagnostics and therapeutics

Dr Sourav Ghosh

Social, Political and   Geographical Sciences

School of Business and Ecomics, Loughborough Design School, Chemistry, Civil and Building Engineering

Secure and Resilient Societies

Policing for the Future: Socio-technical resilience and innovation

Dr Karen Lumsden

Civil and Building   Engineering



Halo: The RAEng Centre of   Excellence PhD cluster

Professor Jacqueline Glass

Aeronautical, Automotive,   Chemical and Materials Engineering

Mechanical and   Manufacturing Engineering; Science

Enabling Technologies

Advanced joining   technologies for high value manufacturing

Dr Gary Critchlow

Civil and Building   Engineering

Aeronautical, Automotive,   Chemical and Materials Engineering; Electronic, Electrical and Systems   Engineering; Loughborough Design School

Changing Environments and   Infrastructure

Automated Mobility: Developing a safer and smarter transport system through advances in automation and intelligent mobility

Professor Mohammed Quddus


Individual studentships


Project Lead

Project Title

Research Challenge(s)

Design School

Professor George Havenith

Body mapping of sensation and physiological response changes in different aged populations

Health and Wellbeing;   Energy

Aeronautical, Automotive,   Chemical and Materials Engineering

Dr Marijana Dragosavac

Continuous encapsulation of   volatile flavours in novel biodegradable microcapsules

Enabling Technologies;   Health and Wellbeing

Business and Economics

Dr Ahmad Hassan Ahmad

Financial inclusion,   poverty alleviation and development in West Africa

Secure and Resilient   Societies

Civil and Building   Engineering

Dr Alessandro Palmeri

Multi-hazard   performance-based optimization of modular structures

Changing Environments and Infrastructure

Electronic, Electrical and   Systems Engineering

Dr Felipe Iza

Portable gas plasma devices for microbial inactivation

Health and Wellbeing;   Secure and Resilient Societies

Mechanical and   Manufacturing Engineering

Dr Huayong Zhao


Liquid nitrogen enhanced powertrain systems – applying cold energy for optimum efficiency



Dr Mark Platt

Development of a sensitive and specific blood test for diagnosis and asymptomatic carrier detection of   prion diseases using high affinity aptamers against PrPSc

Enabling Technologies;   Health and Wellbeing

Social, Political and   Geographical Sciences

Professor Darren Smith

Communities of resilience? Who lives in housing in multiple occupation (HMO), and where are the HMOs?

Communication, Culture and Citizenship; Secure and Resilient Societies

Sport, Exercise and Health   Sciences

Dr Stacy Clemes

Stand out in class –   reducing sitting time in the classroom environment

Health and Wellbeing

Arts, English and Drama

Dr Gillian Whiteley

Networking Eden: Urban growing as a model for communal belonging

Communication, Culture and Citizenship; Health and Wellbeing; Changing Environments and Infrastructure