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5 Feb 2015

Important reminder about voting for British, Irish, commonwealth and EU Students

Today is National Voter Registration Day - register to vote in Loughborough and have your say!

The countdown has begun to the General Election 2015. Local elections will also be taking place. These will be held in term time.

The Electoral Registration Officer at Charnwood Borough Council has a duty to ensure that people who are eligible to vote register to do so and the University and Loughborough Students’ Union have agreed to assist with the process – to ensure all students have the opportunity to vote if they want to.

You can register to vote here

It is important to note:

• New rules apply for registering to vote – each individual is responsible for registering themselves to vote (in previous years households could register together).
• Students can register at home and term-time addresses.
• Not all students at Loughborough will be eligible to vote but British, Irish and certain Commonwealth citizens are eligible to vote in all elections in the UK. EU citizens will be able to vote in elections apart from the general election. More information is available by visiting:

It is entirely a matter for individual students to decide to register and then use the vote but it is important to remember: no vote, no voice. If you have not registered or told Charnwood Borough Council you don’t want to register in Loughborough they will keep sending you reminders and you are at risk of a fine.

Questions can be directed to the Student Office in the Rutland Building (T: 01509 222491 or E: 222491) or Charnwood Borough Council at