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24 Feb 2015

The National Student Survey – it really does help us to make a difference

If you’re a finalist and still wondering whether to take part in the National Student Survey, have a look at how the feedback from students in previous years has helped to make changes to the Loughborough Student Experience.

  • Placement opportunities are available on every undergraduate course
  • Lecture theatres have been redeveloped in James France, Brockington, Wolfson and EHB
  • Informal learning and study areas have been created in James France and the Brockington Extension
  • 24-hour Library opening was extended in the run up to the January exams.
  • Discounted or free IT software has been made available to download
  • Specialist IT software has been made available
  • More lectures are available on the ReView capture system
  • Exam timetables are now released several weeks earlier
  • Online personalised timetables are now available
  • The Library was given £4 million make-over
  • An IT hub was created in the redeveloped Haslegrave building
  • Falkner-Eggington, David Collett, Elvyn Richards and Faraday have been refurbished
  • Multi-use Ball, Games and Beach Parks were created and are free to everyone
  • The state-of-the-art Holywell Fitness Centre gym and sports hall was built

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