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14 Dec 2015

Staff and students involved in local volunteering projects

Hall wardens and subwardens at the University teamed up with students from their halls to volunteer in projects across Loughborough and the surrounding area earlier this year.

During three weekends in October, staff and students took part in volunteering projects including work with the Canal and River Trust, supporting the groundskeepers at Belvoir Castle and helping at Charnwood Alpaca Farm.

The events were organised in association with Action, the volunteering section at the Students’ Union. Projects were arranged to encourage teambuilding and help create a link between the University and the local wider community.

Wardens and Sub-wardens in each University Hall help ensure the hall provides a supportive and enjoyable environment for all the student residents. The Warden teams often deal with issues in the hall such as homesickness and other pastoral needs.

Dr Hilary McDermott, warden for Elvyn Richards said: “I was thrilled to be able to join my students on the Action project to a local Alpaca Farm. Back-breaking work, but this was compensated by great company, good weather and cute Alpacas!”

For more information about volunteering projects, please contact Steph Noble or call 222923.