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18 Dec 2015

Collaborative school exhibition opens at the National Centre for Craft and Design

A collaboration between four University schools has concluded in a three month exhibition at the National Centre for Craft and Design.

The exhibition explores product opportunities inspired by 3D concrete printing, developed by the School of Civil and Building Engineering, and the seven innovative public seating designs created by designers and artists from Loughborough Design School and School of the Arts, English and Drama.

Digital sketching, 3D computer aided design and the removal of unnecessary material through topology optimisation expertise in the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering has resulted in an exhibition that captures the research process and street furniture designs. To maximise impact, the exhibition employs a wide range of media that includes display panels, physical models and video.

Commenting on the exhibition, the project’s Principal Investigator, Dr Mark Evans, Design School, said: “It is extremely rare for academic research to be translated into a prominent public exhibition. A key reason for its appeal is that, as everyday objects, the public seating designs make the underlying technologies on which the research was based accessible to the widest possible audience”.

Concrete Innovation: Designs for Public Seating Inspired by 3D Concrete Printing will be running until 28 February 2016.

To view the exhibition page, click here.