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10 Aug 2015

Loughborough academic steers creation of a new multi-part BSI standard

A new multi-part British Standards Institution (BSI) code of practice has been developed by a committee of leading industry experts, chaired by Mohamed Osmani, School of Civil and Building Engineering. 

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has published BS 8895-2 Designing for Material Efficiency in Building Projects – Part 2: Code of Practice for Concept Design and Developed Design. This follows Part 1 published in September 2013.

BS 8895-2 will help designers, contractors and clients make their building projects more materially efficient.  The standard is intended to allow teams to consider the materials that they use, factoring in high recyclability, designing out waste and implementing recycling strategies before any work is undertaken.

Mohamed comments: “BS 8895-2 is the second part in a projected suite of codes of practice that address specific and interrelated design issues and processes of material efficiency in building projects in line with the RIBA Plan of Work stages.

“It outlines what material efficiency in design involves and how the process of designing for material efficiency is implemented during 'Stage 2 Concept Design' and 'Stage 3 Developed Design' of the RIBA Plan of Work.”