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23 Apr 2015

Loughborough hosts public lecture on future of technology and physical devices

The co-chairman of a company focused on the connection between software and the physical world, will visit Loughborough University next month (Tuesday 5 May) to discuss why technology’s future is in physical devices.

Jon Bruner, who works for O’Reilly Solid, will explain Silicon Valley’s current obsession with hardware and the Internet of Things. Jon will deliver the lecture “A return to atoms: why technology’s future is in physical devices”.

Prior to working for O’Reilly, Jon was the data editor at Forbes Magazine where he combined writing and programming of research subjects ranging from the operation of Columbia River’s dams to Migration within the United States.

The lecture is being hosted by the Centre for Doctoral Training in Embdedded Intelligence, a partnership between Loughborough and Heriot-Watt University funded by ESPRC. 

Jon will lead the free lecture at 1:30pm in the Wolfson Building on Tuesday 5 May. To confirm and book your place, please email

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