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22 Apr 2015

Andrew Cotton from the School of Civil and Building Engineering takes on senior post in water industry

Andrew Cotton has taken over as the Interim Chair of the Steering Committee (the board of governance) of the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC).

WSSCC is a Geneva-based organisation committed to contributing to global efforts to improve sanitation and hygiene for vulnerable sections of society, with a special focus on communities in Africa and Asia.

The WSSCC has built its reputation with a 20-year credible track record as a major global organisation with extensive experience in water, sanitation and hygiene issues at community, national and international level.

A key aspect of WSSCC’s work involves managing the Global Sanitation Fund of $50 million of international donor funding annually. Over recent years the fund has supported improved sanitation and hygiene for over 7 million people in 11 countries. 

With 35 years’ worth of research, teaching and consultancy experience in water and sanitation, Andrew has advised national governments, UN Organisations and major international NGOs. He is a Senior Lecturer from SBE and former Director of the Water, Engineering and Development Centre.